In October 2012, Blue Gate Antwerp joined the Interreg IVB Project C2C BIZZ. Ten European partners  – in Belgium and neighbouring countries – are working together to apply the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle to industrial areas. This means, among other things, creating closed loops and finding solutions for renewable energy. These solutions will be tested at pilot sites in the participating countries. The end goal is to develop a scenario that facilitates the application of C2C to industrial areas. The C2C Expolab in Venlo, The Netherlands will be the project’s central knowledge platform.

Blue Gate Antwerp is developing its charter – which lays out the sustainability objectives for the project – in cooperation with the C2C BIZZ project.

The main partner of the project is ‘Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven’ (Cooperative Union for the Region of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands). Apart from Blue Gate Antwerp, the other partners comprise:

EPEA, the organisation of C2C-creator Michael Braungart, is the advisor to the project.

C2C BIZZ is supported by the European Union and financed through the Interreg IVB North West Europe programme.