Blue Gate Antwerp’s eco-effective aspirations were recorded in the 'Blue Gate Antwerp charter’, which will govern the issuance policy in the field.

The Charter consists of three main components.

  • BREEAM guidelines: these apply to both the land and the structures that will be erected on it.
  • GRI guidelines: these international standards provide a comprehensive framework for sustainability reporting.
  • Blue Gate Antwerp guidelines: these emphasise a number of areas that have a specific significance for Blue Gate Antwerp and that are either not present or are incompletely formulated in the BREEAM and GRI guidelines. These have to do with issues such as the activities’ level of connection to the water.

The charter is a flexible instrument, applying to both developers and companies that want to set up on the site. For the BREEAM guidelines, companies must receive a score of ‘very good’, and for the GRI guidelines, they may start off on a basic level but must show yearly improvement in their reporting efforts. For the Blue Gate Antwerp guidelines, the developers and the businesses must lay out their sustainability goals in a five-year development plan.

The guidelines in the charter vary according to the type of activity: logistics; research and development; and production all have their own specificities in the charter.

A charter commission from Blue Gate Antwerp nv will assess the development plans and adherence to the charter.