Why invest

Unique Selling Proposition

Blue Gate Antwerp is an industrial park that combines an expansive terrain with a prime location on the river Scheldt just next to the city of Antwerp. This combination is what makes the site unique.

1. Right next to the city of Antwerp.

Blue Gate Antwerp lies only three kilometres from the centre of the city, next to the trendy part of town known as ‘het Zuid’ (the South). And next to this, a new residential area called ‘Nieuw Zuid’ (New South) will be developed. The advantages of this location include access to a large pool of labour; proximity to the university and many colleges; convenience as a point of distribution of goods to the city; the attractiveness of a vibrant city and easy accessibility to the city from other locations.

2. Attractive location on the river Scheldt.

Its location along the Scheldt makes Blue Gate Antwerp an exceptional departure point when it comes to accessibility and transport. The Scheldt is navigable for the largest inland waterway ships, and the river offers good international connections to other waterways. These assets make the inland navigation offered by Blue Gate Antwerp an excellent alternative to transport by road. Not only does this scenario offer cost savings for companies, it also provides eco-effective and ecological advantages, such as fewer traffic jams in and around Antwerp, with less air and noise pollution.

3. Considerable size of the site.

Blue Gate Antwerp is around 103 hectares large, of which 63 are now ready for redevelopment. The size allows for large scale development and also offers possibilities for companies to take options on future expansions.


An integrated site.
Companies can start with R&D in an incubator, grow into pilot installations, and mature into a fully fledged, independent production facility that can take advantage of the advanced ‘smart logistics’ provisions on site.


Strong park management.
Sound, professional park management will help companies achieve the ambitions of Blue Gate Antwerp and focus on their core business. A robust infrastructure with a smart grid for energy delivery and fibre-optic cable for ICT applications will also be available.


Outstanding transport connections.
Blue Gate Antwerp lies close to the ring road of Antwerp, and the A12 and E19 highways. The Antwerpen Zuid (Antwerp South) train station is nearby, and from Berchem and Central stations there are international connections to the major cities of Europe. Antwerp’s local airport in the district of Deurne is a few kilometres away, and Belgium’s major international airport – Brussels Airport – is half an hour away by road or by the new Diablo train which connects Antwerp’s main railway stations directly with the airport.


Public engagement in a PPP (public-private partnership).
The development of Blue Gate Antwerp is led by the public administrations of Antwerp and Flanders in a participative public-private partnership with the private sector.