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The Petroleum Zuid industrial site becomes Blue Gate Antwerp

The City of Antwerp and the Flemish Region are working together on the development of the Petroleum Zuid industrial park in Antwerp. It will be developed into a very high quality and highly sustainable (eco-effective) site. This top quality development should attract international companies to Antwerp. That's why it was decided to give it a new international name: Blue Gate Antwerp. The industrial park also gets a beautiful new logo.

Every word in Blue Gate Antwerp has its own meaning.

  • 'Blue' symbolizes the green economy. Internationally "the blue economy" stands for a sustainable ecological future. 'Blue' also refers to the blue waters of the Scheldt River.
  • 'Gate' means a gateway, to both the waterfront (the park is situated on the Scheldt River) and the city
  • 'Antwerp' obviously refers to the location in Antwerp's territory.

"Blue Gate Antwerp is an example of what Flanders in Action means," stated Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters. "It is a waterfront industrial park that employs innovative techniques in its very strong commitment to sustainability. And because of its high level of ambition, the site itself will put Antwerp and Flanders on the world map.”

The site is developed according to the principles of eco-effectiveness (which resulted in the 'cradle-to-cradle' philosophy among others). Eco-effectiveness is a new way of economic thinking that is based on closing cycles. There is no such thing as waste as a result. Waste is avoided or reused as a raw material for another process. "The City of Antwerp wants Blue Gate Antwerp to mean high quality," explained Antwerp Alderman for Employment and Economy, Robert Voorhamme. "The types of businesses we want to attract there should give the Antwerp economy a boost. We are estimating that at least 1,500 to 2,000 new jobs will be created."

Blue Gate Antwerp will consist of three main parts:

  • a new quay with adjacent logistics area; including a warehouse for urban-regional distribution (13 hectares).
  • an area for high quality production and Research & Development (25 acres net).
  • a green corridor of 14.5 hectares designed to dramatically enhance the visual and living quality of the site.

The remaining hectares are occupied by infrastructure and the new football stadium for both
Antwerp football clubs (GBA en RAFC). The name Blue Gate Antwerp will not apply to the football stadium.

A Master Plan is currently being drafted that will further outline the ambition of the City of Antwerp and the Government of Flanders. This Master Plan will be presented at the end of June.