DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC)

DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) is een internationale specialist in milieuprojecten die zich vooral bezighoudt met bodemsanering en grondwaterzuivering, slibverwerking, waterbouwwerken, recyclagetechnieken, het afdekken en saneren van stortterreinen, waterwerken, milieubaggerwerken en de herontwikkeling van brownfieldterreinen.

De multidisciplinaire teams binnen DEC kunnen ondersteuning bieden bij de meest uiteenlopende projecten, gaande van gewone saneringsprojecten tot langlopende ontwerp-, bouw-, onderhouds- en financieringscontracten.


In thirty years Bopro has grown into a solid, renowned company specialised in Management & Sustainable Consultancy services with regard to real estate, construction and housing.  The interaction between our core activities of project & cost management at one side and Sustainability Consultancy at the other side, supports our global vision: ‘A Guide to a better World’. Sustainable development and responsible management are principles at the basis of our life cycle approach. This approach fits perfectly into our consistent vision on durable entrepreneurship and seeks an optimal balance between social, ecological and economic benefits.


Bopro is active in the real estate and construction sector and represents end users, authorities, investors, promoters and real estate developers. We assist our clients from feasibility studies to the investment process, execution and management and maintenance of the real estate portfolio in both the public and private market. Bopro also advices and carries out sustainability assessments such as BREEAM Communities for developments, BREEAM International for new buildings and BREEAM Refurbishment/BREEAM In-Use for existing building.


As a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Bopro subscribes the values and the entrepreneurial ethics promoted by this international and renowned organisation. 

AG Vespa

AG Vespa, the autonomous municipal corporation for real estate and city projects for the city of Antwerp, is an expert and entrepreneur in real estate, building projects, development projects and fund management. By taking a ground position in strategic projects and by committing to quality and sustainability in its real estate projects, AG Vespa constitutes an important link in the city’s development policy. Since 2010 the company has managed a considerable real estate portfolio for the city.

ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen NV

According to the Flemish governing accord (2009-2014), land is simply too scarce in Flanders to let dilapidated and contaminated former industrial terrain lay empty and unused. Because of this, Flanders wants to kick start the development of these so-called ‘brownfields’.  To do this, the Flemish Region, along with OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) and the limited liability company PMV nv, facilitates and invests in the clean up and redevelopment of brown- and blackfields. Part of PMV’s remit is engaging in the realisation of brownfield projects that are the objects of ‘Brownfield covenants’.

A priority of PMV is stimulating the Flemish economy. The strategy that PMV uses for the redevelopment of brownfield sites is aimed at the creation of additional, net employment opportunities. The redevelopment of Blue Gate Antwerp, with the creation of 1,500 – 2,000 extra jobs, fits perfectly within this PMV strategy.

PMV supports the Flemish government’s initiative, Vlaanderin in Actie (Flanders in Action). The ambition of Blue Gate Antwerp when it comes to eco-effectiveness, smart logistics, business development, and innovation and research, as well as its participative approach in the development process and its international character, all match perfectly the programme of Flanders in Action. To help realise these ambitions, the Flemish government has given PMV a leadership role in the redevelopment of Blue Gate Antwerp at the Flemish regional level.

Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV

Flanders has one of the densest and most cohesive networks of inland waterways in Europe – an important asset that Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV (W&Z) (Waterways and Sea Canal, llc), administrator of the navigable waterways in western and central Flanders, wants to optimally exploit. The company’s vision is clear: dynamic management of the waterways, including the adjacent land. Moreover, W&Z stimulates the use of the waterways and land with an eye on the interests of all actors involved and with extra attention given to sustainable growth, protection against floods, and integrated water management. The company maintains a modern, novel and future-oriented policy with a commitment to a prosperous, mobile, safe and green Flanders. W&Z translates its mission into three key, concrete objectives:

  • to stimulate transportation on water to lessen the load on the Flemish road system;
  • to reach a societally and economically responsible safety level in water management;
  • to give a new impulse to the life on and near the waterways in Flanders.

Active City - Work and Economy 

The Business & Innovation department of the City of Antwerp is the centralised power and motor of Antwerp’s economic policy. In 2010 Work and Economy – a part of the business unit Active City – merged with the ‘Bedrijvenloket’, the city’s unique service point for beginning and existing entrepreneurs and businesses.

Work and Economy wants to make Antwerp an attractive place in which to do business, to work, to shop and to enjoy the city’s rich cultural and culinary offerings. Together with business owners, trades people, workers, those seeking employment and consumers, Work and Economy aims for a sustainable economy with an eye on diversity in Antwerp. Moreover, it strongly emphasises the development of innovative keystones for Antwerp’s economy. The Blue Gate Antwerp project is an important pillar of this. 

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (in Dutch: Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) is a government agency, charged with implementing the economic, innovation and enterprise policy in Flanders, the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium.

We help companies with the startup of their activities, the grow and continuity of their business, but also with the search for the right location, information on permits, financing, investments in innovation and ecological technologies, and other topics. In short, we confidentially guide entrepreneurs throughout the government landscape.