Blue Gate Antwerp targets enterprises that are eco-effective in their operations. Economic growth and ecological added value go hand in hand. These companies are active in the green economy – which is increasingly referred to internationally as the blue economy.

Potential target businesses are innovative and specialise in state of the art eco-effective production. This implies the use of closed loop supply chains for both materials and energy. These businesses further distinguish themselves by striving for intensive use of space; cultivating a positive public image when it comes to town and public space planning; and doing all they can to mitigate negative external effects such as load on the traffic infrastructure, impact on the environment, noise pollution, and odour pollution.

The proximity of the city and the high quality management of the site are extra plus points for attracting high value, eco-effective production companies to Antwerp. The presence of research and development activities gives further important added value.

The production buildings will be clustered around a central core which will maximise the potential for collaboration. Standard parcels in the production zone vary from one to four hectares, but both smaller and larger parcels are available. There will also be a separate SME-zone with smaller parcels. With its versatile spatial planning, Blue Gate Antwerp meets today’s need for flexibility. A net surface area of 14 hectares is available.