Institutions specialising in research and development (R&D) will also find a home at Blue Gate Antwerp. As with the production component of the site, a sustainable and innovative character is an important priority here as well.  Blue Gate Antwerp aims to attract R&D institutions affiliated with universities; sector-specific federations and governments; as well as R&D departments of private companies.

Blue Gate Antwerp boasts a number of exceptional assets to attract such research centres. The site is situated very close to the city, allowing it to tap into diverse social and professional networks; and the green character of the site, along with the adjacent natural area of the Hoboken Polder, make Blue Gate Antwerp particularly attractive. The parcels for R&D will always connect with a green zone, be it the green corridor around the site or the Hoboken Polder.

The buildings for R&D can either be detached or they can connect with other buildings, giving the companies and institutes further opportunities for collaboration and open innovation.