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Blue Gate Antwerp is the first eco-effective, water-bound business park in Belgium. Claim your place and innovate together with like-minded sustainable enterprises.

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Breeding ground for growth companies

Petroleum South was once the very heart of the Antwerp petroleum industry. Today, the site has been cleaned up and it is ready for a new chapter: Blue Gate Antwerp, a leading public-private project that takes the future into its own hands. The climate neutral business park is reserved for innovative companies with a well-defined ambition: linear growth through circular operations.

Together with like-minded businesses they will activate circular flows at the micro and macro levels. This delivers cost efficient collaborations both on and off site. Businesses locating here are committed to the eco-effective industry, in which they will produce the same qualitative end product while reducing the use of raw materials.

This project will create between 2,000 and 3,000 new jobs. In addition, local residents will enjoy an upgrade of the public space, with healthy green zones and special attention to the historical heritage of the area.

Innovation hotspot

Innovation hotspot

The site is located just next to Antwerp, right in the economic heart of Europe. And it holds unique opportunities in terms of logistics and accessibility. You reach the park by water, public transport and the road network.

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Invest now in Blue Gate Antwerp

The total project area of Blue Gate Antwerp measures 63 hectares. The development is planned in 3 stages. We would be happy to advise you about your ideal location. Let’s start with what matters most to you: the proximity of the water, interactions with other R&D or production companies, or visibility from approach roads?

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Blue Gate Antwerp, the roadtrip of a SDG pioneer.

Since november 2018, BGAD is certified by Cifal Flanders as SDG Pioneer. BGAD and CIFAL Flanders work together concerning the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN. CIFAL Flanders advises BGAD concerning the content and interpretation of the goals, as BGAD gives feedback regarding the practical information on organisational level.

In 2020 we’ve edited our first CSR-report to make sure that our KPI’s as a business park were out in the open. Currently we’re working on our second sustainability report. Want to know how we did it the past 3 years and what we’re up to for the coming years? Keep an eye on us in Q1 2024.

Blue Gate Antwerp, the roadtrip of a SDG pioneer.

View the Leigracht sanitation process here

The sanitation of the Leigracht is in progress. The Leigracht indicates the border of the Hobokense Polder, and makes the transition to the site of Blue Gate Antwerp. Parallel with the Leigracht, there will be a bicycle highway and a pedestrian path, which makes a nice view for bikers and pedestrians. Next to the esthetical plus, the Leigracht has an important practical function: it buffers water, irrigates the surplus of water to the neighboring parallel canal and the wadis and supports the biodiversity in this area.


First new CityHub of DHL Express at Antwerp

10/03/2021 – DHL opens its new CityHub for the Antwerp region at Blue Gate Antwerp. This city distribution centre will collect and deliver an average of 50.000 parcels each week in the city and suburbs. From now on, the city centre will only be supplied by ecological, electric vehicles. At full strength, the new CityHub will employ 125 people.

Official opening DHL Express at Blue Gate Antwerp

BGADs 1st CSR report

The first CSR report for a business park in Belgium! It translates our transparency and triggers better policies. Let it empower future businesses to make the same decisions: define ambitions and measure impact on our society and environment. Let us shift towards a more sustainable future.

Check out our report here and learn what we’re doing to generate a positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.


The works at BlueApp started


The works have begun. Here will rise the building of BlueApp, a pre-incubator where companies and researchers will work on sustainable solutions for the chemistry sector. BlueApp will be located just next to BlueChem. The structural works, directed by projectmanager Bopro, will start in August.


Welcome DHL Express !

DHL Express

For the Antwerp Region, DHL Express chooses to install the CityHub on Blue Gate Antwerp. Within cycling distance from the city center, this is the ideal location to transport goods with a Cubicycle, an electric cargobike. The last mile is in this way covered by a clean alternative, and DHL is one step closer to the ambition to hit 70% of the first and last mile without any CO2 emission. The company wants to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050. Read more


Bridge over the corridor is finished

The first part of the 15 ha green corridor – which connects the Hobokense Polder and New South – is ready. The greenery in the corridor will be created and maintained in accordance with the Hobokense Polder. The bridge, whiwh seamlessly blends into the landscape thanks to the wooden cladding, was built mainly to avoid hindering the migration of the fauna in the corridor.


Strategic partners for BlueChem

Spring next year, BlueChem will open its doors on the circular business parc Blue Gate Antwerp.
BlueChem – incubator for sustainable chemistry – was happy to gather under a bright blue sky her strategic partners BNP Paribas Fortis, Deloitte, Laga Law Firm and Port of Antwerp.


A new chapter for IKO

On the 12th of September 2018, the first shovel of soil was turned, symbol of a new chapter for IKO. IKO is leading producer of roofing materials, waterproofing and insulation solutions. IKO Antwerp is one of the most important production sites of the worldwide IKO group. Now, as part of Blue Gate Antwerp, they will invest in sustainability and innovation with a clear long term vision. 

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DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) is an international environmental contractor. DEC is an expert in soil remediation, waterworks and the redevelopment of brownfield sites.


Bopro is an international real estate developer and service provider. It is specialised in building projects, property management and sustainability consultancy.

AG Vespa

The city of Antwerp is involved in the partnership from the outset through its autonomous municipal corporation for real estate and city projects (AG Vespa).


The Flemish Government is investing in the clean-up and redevelopment of the former Petroleum South site with its ‘do and dare company’ PMV.

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