Welcome Amazon!

Amazon will be the tenant of the AULA project on the Blue Gate Antwerp site. AULA is the acronym for Antwerp Urban Logistic Accommodation and is being built by Blue Gate Antwerp Building (BGAB).

The climate pledge of Amazon and Blue Gate Antwerp’s circular ambitions form a strong synergy, utilising the future proof infrastructure and the strategic urban location to the fullest. The new site will be Amazon’s first development in Belgium and will serve both the city centre and the wider Antwerp area.

The building will consist of a warehouse (5.764 m²), mezzanine (517 m²), office space (2.157 m²) and a parking building (40.000 m²). Bopro takes the role of developer and is also responsible for the project management. As project manager, Bopro has already been involved from the definition of the project and the design phase and has guided the permit and tendering process. Currently, Bopro is involved as project manager in the construction phase of the project. During these different phases Bopro also monitors the financial part via quantity survey and cost management.

As sustainability consultant, Bopro guides the sustainable strategy of the project by giving advice and insight, carrying out life cycle assessments and as BREEAM assessor. A BREEAM excellent certificate is aspired for this project.

Besides the fact that the project is being developed on a remediated brownfield site, there are a number of important project specific sustainable aspects. For example, the building’s structure will be delivered to the site via river Scheldt, which will significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to transport by truck. Furthermore, a maximum amount of PV panels will be applied, the parking building will be developed on 100% electric vehicles and LED lighting will be provided. The facade is circular in design with demountable elements. The HVAC system is controlled via a digital building management system that creates a comfortable working environment while reducing unnecessary energy consumption. The heat network of Blue Gate Antwerp will provide the building with heat and the project will be realised with a high level of air-tightness (v50 value of 3.0 for warehouse). The project includes more than 8.000 m² of green space and a system to collect and reuse rainwater on the site.