Your business and Blue Gate Antwerp: The perfect match?

Bringing your company to Blue Gate Antwerp is
an ecological commitment that offers economic
growth opportunities. These are embodied within
our establishment requirements. Find how they
pave the way to circular entrepreneurship.

Stronger together

innovation capacity

Pooled <br/>innovation capacity



Blue Gate Antwerp attracts complementary businesses. R&D companies and small manufacturing firms are welcome here. Together we are strong. We are committed to a circular economy and we are keen to enter into sustainable partnerships. This way, you will be able to benefit from economies of scale which strengthen your market position.

Collaboration is the keyword on this site. Collaborations between businesses and between businesses and academia have synergistic effects. Sharing research efforts and expertise accelerates innovation. The presence of BlueChem and Blue_App boosts cross-fertilization in the areas of knowledge and production.

The word collaboration also applies to the practical organization of the site, the management, and maintenance of common facilities. The Park Manager has the task of facilitating contacts between businesses. This enables us to engage together in sustainable mobility and to benefit from a shared facility and congress point, green zones, event space and to purchase together renewable energy and heat…

Guidance to sustainability

Guided eco-effectiveness

Eco-effectiveness stands for efficiency gains through ecological efforts. A beautiful principle that you apply thanks to the advice and guidelines of Blue Gate Antwerp. Our sustainability vision is based on the 5 P’s from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

Do we expect you to adhere to all best practices right away? No, but we will help you to take the right decisions to get there on the long term. For example, we decided to go for carbon neutral energy and warmth. The lots come with design principles and visual quality requirements. In the core zone, a production company can only occupy 70% of the surface of its lot. In the peripheral zones, the upper limit is 50%. In return, you can build up to 9 storeys there. In both cases, the authoritative BREEAM standards guide the construction. The required ‘Excellent’ certificate guarantees the sustainability of your building.

Finally, we advise you on the creation of annual sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI standards and five-year development plans for your business. These documents turn your circular ambitions into something tangible and set realistic timeframes.

Guided eco-effectiveness
Conquering Europe over water and land

Conquering Europe over water and land

Smart logistics & distribution

The unique location of the business park, along the river Scheldt and right next to the centre of Antwerp, offers everything you need for smart logistics. You can reach the city easily either via inland waterways or via the city distribution network. Ideal to process your rest streams and to cooperate efficiently with other companies, but also to distribute your innovative products in a sustainable way. In short, you benefit from the micro-climate at Blue Gate Antwerp that enhances your sustainable innovations.

The site is also situated at the heart of Europe. Are you exporting products abroad, do you work with an international network of dealers, or do you visit European fairs regularly? If so, you will have a lot to gain from Blue Gate Antwerp’s central location.

In addition to waterbound transport and European export, we also support multimodal commuting. Employees preferably use bikes or buses instead of cars. That is why we are building cycle paths and bike highways. Together with De Lijn, we are determining where to add new bus stops as well. And commuters who do need their cars will find centralised car parks on the site.

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