Antwerp 2nd best city to invest in

Antwerp is listed in the top European investment locations, as evidenced by the prestigious ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21’.

Antwerp, an attractive destination for foreign investments

fDI intelligence, the foreign investment knowledge center of the Financial Times, examined this year the city of Antwerp and 318 other European cities. Special attention was paid to their potential for international entrepreneurship. Antwerp rose from the 6th position to the 2nd place this year and is the only city of the Benelux in the top 10.

Strategy award – top 10 

  1. Glasgow
  2. Antwerp
  3. Manchester
  4. Hamburg
  5. Katowice
  6. Bordeaux metr. area
  7. Dusseldorf
  8. Lyon
  9. Frankfurt
  10. Kharkiv

This award is an aknowledgement for the city. The international growth of the past years is recognized. The number of start-ups and scape-ups has also doubled the last few years. But entrepreneurship isn’t possible without a good accessibility. Antwerp also seems to stand out in terms of connectivity.

Antwerp, in connection with the world

Thanks to the presence of the port, Antwerp is in direct contact with the world. It makes the city very accessibile and explains the 5th position for connectivity. But next to the port, where some 900 companies are located, and which is by the way also the second largest of Europe, there are also 5 airports within a short distance (a radius of 90 kilometers), a dense railway network, and an extensive road network. We like to stress the water-bound character of the city and the variety of transportation methods the city has to offer.

An excellent accessibility and a strong investment potential. Blue Gate Antwerp also enjoys the good accessibility and the economic growth accelerators the city has to offer. Moreover, this business park wants to contribute to the internationalisation and the sustainable economy in which Antwerp is developing. It’s a real breeding ground for enterprises who are searching both for connectivity and an eco-effective entrepreneurial climate. Blue Gate Antwerp wants to support starters, SMEs, knowledge institutions and big world players in this direction. By working together we can make these ambitions come true. Working together pays off, and that’s visible in different domains:

  • Circular entrepreneurship: your waste products might be a raw material for someone else. Blue Gate Antwerp reveals complementarities between what at first sight appear to be very diverse businesses.
  • Innovation: by working together with knowledge institutions, start-ups, major leading companies on the site, in the city and in the port, we are stronger. Sharing knowledge accelerates innovation.
  • Lower costs: to make the best use of renewable energy sources, use residual heat or integrate other often expensive, but sustainable solutions, collaboration also here means advantage. It offers economies of scale. By investing together, we reduce costs.