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Blue Gate Antwerp is where you come to innovate, do business and change the world.
It’s the first circular, eco-effective, water-bound business park in Belgium.

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Petroleum South was once the very heart of the Antwerp and European petroleum industry. Today, the site has been cleaned up and it is ready for a new chapter: Blue Gate Antwerp, a leading public-private partnership that takes the future into its own hands. The climate neutral business park is reserved for innovative companies with a well-defined ambition: linear growth through circular operations.

Together with like-minded businesses they will activate circular flows at the micro and macro levels. This delivers cost efficient and environmentally-friendly collaborations both on and off site. Businesses locating here are committed to the eco-effective industry, in which they will produce the same qualitative end product while reducing the use of raw materials.

This project will create between 2,000 and 3,000 new jobs. In addition, local residents will enjoy an upgrade of the public space, with healthy green zones and special attention to the historical heritage of the area.

Innovation hotspot

Innovation hotspot

The site is located just next to Antwerp, right in the economic heart of Europe. And it holds unique opportunities in terms of logistics and accessibility. You reach the park by water, public transport and the road network.

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The total project area of Blue Gate Antwerp measures 63 hectares. Development is planned in 3 stages. The current first stage has 18,7ha left for sale. We would be happy to advise you about your ideal location. Let’s start with what matters most to you: the proximity of the water, interactions with other R&D companies, or visibility from approach roads?

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During the 5th anniversary festivity of
CIFAL Flanders on the 19th of November Blue Gate Antwerp recieved the ultimate UN certificate.

The integration of the SDG goals on this site during the design stage, the development as well as the operational phase is a must to all parties involved. The entire Blue Gate Antwerp team – proud SDG PIONEER – is eager to continue its misson ‘building the first circular businesspark’ !


Remediation works Phase 1 ending soon!

Currently DEC (DEME) completes Phase 1 of the remediation of the Blue Gate Antwerp site . This brownfield was firmly addressed. The pollution was on the one hand due to the former petroleum activities and, on the other hand, to the fact that for quite some time illegal dumping could persist unnoticed . On the site – amongst others -16 tons of tires and 400 cubic meters of waste was found .


Blue Gate Antwerp welcomes BlueChem & Blu_app!

On 19 June 2018 went the spade symbolically in the ground.

BlueChem is the very first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Flanders and Blue_App an open innovation hub for research projects of the University of Antwerp in the domain of sustainable chemistry. The opening of BlueChem and Blue_App features in the spring of 2020.


Blue O’pen wins the PPP procedure and joins the public-private partnership that will redevelop the area.


The mayor and the city council of Antwerp approve the Visual Quality Plan (VQP).


The Environmental Impact Report (EIA) for Blue Gate Antwerp is approved.


Petroleum South is officially renamed Blue Gate Antwerp. A master plan sketches the outlines of the ambitious project.


The Flemish Government approves the brownfield covenant ‘Investment Area Petroleum South’ and, together with the city of Antwerp, gives the green light for the clean-up and redevelopment of the site.


The city of Antwerp commissions a study on the redevelopment of the site ‘Petroleum South’. The first seed for Blue Gate Antwerp is planted.

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DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC) is an international environmental contractor. DEC is an expert in soil remediation, waterworks and the redevelopment of brownfield sites.


Bopro is an international real estate developer and service provider. It is specialised in building projects, property management and sustainability consultancy.

AG Vespa

The city of Antwerp is involved in the partnership from the outset through its autonomous municipal corporation for real estate and city projects (AG Vespa).


The Flemish Government is investing in the clean-up and redevelopment of the former Petroleum South site with its ‘do and dare company’ PMV.

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